"The greatest trick the music industry ever pulled was making consumers think they need to buy the same classic rock records over and over again…— name a classic artist, and their albums have been repackaged and re-released again and again. Each time, the shiny new package comes with marketing campaign making you think the copies you already own have to be replaced by the new ones, which are better and cleaner sounding, bringing you closer and closer to the artist’s original vision. This is how 1% of artists make 77% of the income generated by the music industry today. If you think the Big Three major record labels (Sony, Universal, and Warner) are banking on finding a hot new indie band around the corner, then you’re wrong. They’re banking on reselling the back catalogue of their top earners over and over again, in new formats that consumers don’t really need."
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A Field in England (2013) Directed by Ben Wheatley.

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